Stingray Mouth Plate Necklace II

Stingray Mouth Plate Bar Necklace

For the natural beauty and adventurer at heart. This delicate and naturally balanced necklace features a real fossilized stingray mouth plate piece pendant. This handcrafted necklace is a key everyday accessory that can be worn by itself or stacked with other necklaces. Fossil stingray mouth plate pieces are found by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC. Prehistoric findings meet present-day designs in Charleston, SC. The raw details of the stingray mouth plate give it an adventurous and natural look.  


  • 16"-18"
  • 14K gold-filled chain that is hypoallergenic & tarnish-resistant
  • Fossil Stingray Mouth Plate pendant 
  • 14K gold-filled wire wrapped around stingray mouth plate
  • Real Fossilized Sting Ray Mouth Plate found by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC
  • Natural, chic, elegant and exclusive. Each piece is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.


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