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Foxy Fossils

Tiger Shark Tooth Fossil Pendant Necklace

Tiger Shark Tooth Fossil Pendant Necklace

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Edgy yet elegant. Millions of years in the making given that this necklace features a real prehistoric fossil tiger shark tooth hand-collected by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC. You can choose your option for how the shark tooth is finished—REAL tooth hand-painted in multiple layers of gold or left partially/fully natural and handcrafted into a delicate, coastal necklace. You can also purchase the shark tooth fossil pendant ONLY (no chain).

All tiger shark teeth used are fossilized and were naturally exposed, found, and hand-collected by me. No sharks or environments were harmed! Foxy Fossils supports ocean conservation and a portion of sales is donated to the South Carolina Aquarium to support the care, maintenance, and conservation of sharks in the Great Ocean Tank.


  • Customize with your choice of tooth
  • Option to purchase just the pendant if you have your own chain you want to use
  • If purchasing necklace, option of 16”, 18”, or 20” chain
  • Real fossil tiger shark tooth dating back millions of years
  • Hand collected & handmade in Charleston, SC


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