Luxury Fossil Jewelry

Carry a little piece of the Lowcountry with you wherever you go! Foxy Fossils is a small, high-end jewelry business that turns prehistoric fossils into beautiful accessories. Through years of expeditions, Foxy Fossils uses hand-collected, real fossils discovered on the coast of Charleston, SC, to craft handmade fossil jewelry for men and women. From shark teeth to stingray barbs, all of our fossils date back millions of years and hold their own unique story, allowing prehistoric treasures to meet present day designs. Browse our “epoch” jewelry collections to find the new staple in your own collection. Whether you’re a local, a visitor, or simply an “ocean-minded” patron of the sea, you can shop our necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks to enjoy your very own piece of prehistoric Charleston.


Summer Favorites

MILLIONS of years in the making yet the first of its kind.

Show off your wild side with handmade real fossil jewelry pieces by Foxy Fossils featuring authentic prehistoric shark teeth, vertebra, stingray mouth plates and barbs ethically collected by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC.


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Model Taylor Ann Green wearing a layered gold shark tooth necklace, a luxury fossil jewelry piece, modeled by Taylor Ann

Find Your Fossil

These modern, chic jewelry pieces born from treasures of the sea date back millions of years. All our pieces of jewelry are made with fossils straight from the seas so each one is real, raw, natural, and one-of-a-kind. Whether you prefer dainty shark tooth jewelry or bold fossils with intriguing designs, we create jewelry for every kind of style. 

Founder and finder of Foxy Fossils photographed fossil hunting in creeks of Charleston, SC ethically collecting local fossils

Behind the Brand

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." -Van Gogh

Foxy Fossils is a unique brand of adventure, natural history, and innovative jewelry designs located in Charleston, SC. Our motto, “Raw is real. Real is rare.” reflects our brand’s ethos. The brand was created by Casey Garvin, a passionate explorer that has spent decades collecting these natural treasures along the way. Casey wanted to share her intrinsic passion for fossil collecting and preserving our ocean's rich prehistory with others, which led to the creation of the brand. Foxy Fossils is multifaceted and includes more than just beautiful handmade fossil jewelry. It encompasses Casey's years of exploring the outdoors in Charleston, hunting and collecting prehistoric fossils, researching and identifying fossils, and of course sharing a glimpse of her personal fossil collection in her original jewelry designs.

proceeds support the South Carolina Aquarium

Sustainable Impact

Saltwater runs through our veins. The ocean and its creatures are near and dear to our hearts, so we’re dedicated to creating sustainable accessories while supporting living sharks today. Millions of sharks are killed by shark hunting each year, while their teeth are sold to make unethical shark tooth necklaces. As an ethical jewelry brand, we propose an alternative that captures the same aesthetic while promoting a marine-loving way of life. Each sale contributes to supporting sharks in the Great Ocean Tank at the South Carolina Aquarium through the Stewardship Program. Foxy Fossils’ founder Casey Garvin spends hours each month searching beaches, marshes, and creeks throughout Charleston, hand-collecting each fossil to make this mission a reality and create unique prehistoric jewelry.