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The Sullivan's Necklace—Gold Shark Tooth | Foxy Fossils

The Sullivan's Necklace—Gold Shark Tooth | Foxy Fossils

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Elegant, chic, and effortless, the Sullivan’s Necklace will be one of your all-time favorite necklaces! It’s dainty, minimal, and goes with absolutely everything.  A TINY gold shark tooth (hand-found• fossilized•wire-wrapped•painted•and of course, authentic) hangs elegantly from our handmade 14-karat gold-filled chain that is adorned with a tiny freshwater rice pearl.  It represents a unique blend of freshwater (pearl) and saltwater (fossil shark tooth).

Each necklace is handcrafted in Charleston, SC.


  • Available Lengths—16” and 18”
  • Minimalistic 14K gold-filled chain & metals
  • Real fossil shark tooth hand-painted gold 
  • Asymmetrical/Off-Center tiny freshwater pearl — organically shaped & absolutely elegant


ALL shark teeth used are fossilized and do not come from modern day sharks. These fossilized teeth were preserved in the earth for millions of years before being unearthed by nature, discovered by me — Casey Danielle (Founder & Finder of Foxy Fossils), and then carefully handpicked to be made into your one of a kind piece of jewelry. Foxy Fossils donates a portion of its profits to support the care, maintenance, and conservation of present day sharks in the SC Aquarium.

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