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Each piece of jewelry is centered around an authentic, hand-collected fossil dating back millions of years ago. 

Paddleboarding fossil hunting excursion Casey of Foxy Fossils captured fossil hunting along the waterways of Lowcountry Founder and Finder of Foxy Fossils Casey Garvin fossil hunting  Real fossil shark tooth found fossil hunting in Charleston SC Fossil shark teeth found after fossil hunting in Charleston, SCReal shark teeth pendants with gold tip


Foxy Fossils creates elegant fossil jewelry for men and women featuring authentic prehistoric fossils dating back millions of years and found by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC. Casey Garvin is the Founder, Finder, and Designer of Foxy Fossils and has been an avid fossil hunter and collector for much of her life. Growing up on the southeast coast, Casey has spent countless hours exploring the marshes, creeks, and beaches collecting shells, fossils, and other gifts from nature. Having a background in speech-language pathology, she used her skill set to research and identify the various fossils she collected as well as joining a paleontological society in Charleston, SC.

Casey began Foxy Fossils in 2016 as a way to share her passion for fossils with others. Foxy Fossils’ signature pieces include the Vertebracelet which features a real fossil shark vertebra on a leather bracelet for both men and women, the stingray barb bar style necklace, hemipristis serra (AKA “snaggletooth”) shark tooth cuff links, and the Ravenel Bridge Stingray Mouth Plate earrings to name a few.  Each piece is truly “epoch” and combines prehistoric with present-day designs. 

Casey Garvin-Foxy Fossils Owner

Casey Garvin

Founder - Finder - Designer

Foxy Fossils is a unique brand of adventure, natural history, and innovative jewelry designs located in Charleston, SC. The brand was created by Casey Garvin, who is passionate about exploring the outdoors and collecting natural treasures along the way. A saltwater lover since the day she was born, Casey has spent countless hours exploring the coast and collecting shells, rocks, driftwood, and fossils.  Wanting to share her intrinsic passion for fossil collecting and identifying with others, Casey started Foxy Fossils, which has captured the attention and interest of nature and shark-lovers across all ages.
Foxy Fossils is multifaceted and includes more than just beautiful handmade fossil jewelry. It encompasses Casey's years of exploring the outdoors in Charleston, hunting and collecting prehistoric fossils, researching and identifying fossils, and of course sharing a glimpse of her personal fossil collection in her original jewelry designs. 

Casey earned her Bachelor's & Master's at the University of Georgia and is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist. Having studied a great deal of anatomy and physiology, Casey began recognizing similarities between human anatomy and fossils she was finding (e.g. palates, vertebrae, dentition). Her natural interest in science and nature inspired her to learn more about specific fossils and the species that once roamed the Lowcountry. She has done years of self-study paleontology, consults with a local friend and paleontologist, joined the Palmetto Paleontological Society, and has donated hundreds of fossils to local schools and events. 


Sandra Bilkyte

Photographer - Maker - Designer

Sandra is a crucial part of Foxy Fossils and an irreplaceable pair of hands and eyes behind our jewelry designs. Her keen sense of design aesthetics and elegant yet natural/coastal style has been instrumental in bringing Foxy Fossils to a new level of luxury ocean-inspired jewelry. 

Sandra earned her Master's degree in Business and Design from a prominent university in Sweden. She oversees product quality which includes intricate selection of quality raw materials, creating & editing organic yet modern styled pieces, material and design problem solving, and ensuring proper assembly and composure of each design. She is also a key contributor in product photography, branding/styling, and business ideas. Sandra is forever a beach lover and treasure collector!

behind the scenes jewelry photography with sandra - foxy fossils  casey and sandra of foxy fossils preparing jewelry for photoshoot  


Foxy Fossils is a proud member of Lowcountry Local First in Charleston, SC
Foxy Fossils is a proud member of Lowcountry Local First!

Fossils found and collected by Foxy Fossils for use in handcrafting original artisan jewelry are hunted on private land spots with permission from land owners and collecting does not disrupt the natural archaeological framework of the sites hunted. Fossils are found on land surfaces and are collected by hand.  Foxy Fossils holds her Hobby Diver License for the state of South Carolina and reports any (if any) submerged paleontological findings to the South Carolina Museum Commission on a quarterly basis in accordance with the South Carolina Underwater Antiquities Act of 1991.  ​