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Foxy Fossils

Shark Tooth Wine Glass Charms

Shark Tooth Wine Glass Charms

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Bring a piece of coastal history to your next gathering with these unique and one of a kind Shark Tooth Wine Charms! Each charm set is handmade with real prehistoric shark teeth, millions of years old, hand-collected and found in Charleston, SC. Perfect for wine enthusiasts, bachelorette parties, and shark lovers, these delightful charms will have everyone marveling at the authentic beauty of each fossil! These Shark Tooth Wine Charms are the perfect accessory for your next gathering! Each charm set celebrates a piece of history and adds a jaw-dropping spark of personality to your glass. Enjoying a glass of wine becomes a truly special experience when you can appreciate the story behind each charm. 


  • 6 wine glass charms per set
  • Each set has 3 fossilized shark tooth charms (and 3 with gems/stones and charms only)
  • Real fossilized shark teeth found by Foxy Fossils 
  • All fossils hand-gathered ethically, sustainably, responsibly, and legally 
  • Handmade in Charleston, SC
  • Supports marine and shark conservation 
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