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Foxy Fossils

25 Fossilized Shark Teeth

25 Fossilized Shark Teeth

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If you’re looking for shark teeth, you’ve found the right spot! Get 25 GENUINE fossilized shark teeth that were hand-collected locally in Charleston, SC by Foxy Fossils. Each fossil tooth dates back hundreds of thousands to millions and millions of years ago (most are ~5-18 million years old). No sharks or habitats are harmed or disturbed. These teeth were ethically, sustainably, responsibly, and legally found on the surface.  These can be used for making your own shark tooth jewelry, as gifts for the shark lover, or as coastal décor. Each batch contains various shapes and colors due to natural variations in authentic fossils!


  • 25 prehistoric fossilized shark teeth
  • Size range  1/4” - 2/3” 
  • Sourced from my own personal collection from a lifetime of collecting
  • Includes teeth from a variety of shark species (e.g. lemon, hammerhead, requiems, tiger shark, bull, dusky, sand tiger, etc.) 

*Each set is organically unique so pictures are representative of the sharks teeth you will receive and not the exact set.  


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