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Foxy Fossils

Vertebracelet: Dark Brown Series

Vertebracelet: Dark Brown Series

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Vertebracelet: fossil shark vertebra + leather bracelet


  • Made by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC
  • Featuring a fossil shark vertebra hand collected by FF
  • Hand crafted leather straps that will wear-in to your comfort
  • Sleek slide locking magnetic clasp that securely stays in place 
  • For the man who doesn't wear jewelry

Real fossil shark vertebra fossil found by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC. Please note all Vertebracelets are original and unique in their most appealing feature--the vertebra!  They each have their own markings, color tones, shape, thickness, completeness, etc. The beauty of them is their uniqueness & natural beauty.

men's vertebracelet fossil leather bracelet          Vertebracelet fossil shark vertebra bracelet

***Given that no two are exactly alike, please note that most likely you will not receive the one pictured; however, if you have a preference, please contact me at to place a special request custom order. 

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