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Foxy Fossils

Tiger Shark Tooth Thick Paperclip Chain Necklace

Tiger Shark Tooth Thick Paperclip Chain Necklace

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HUGE and GENUINE fossilized tiger shark tooth from a prehistoric shark that roamed the seas ~5-15 million years ago. Handfound in nature ethically, sustainably, and legally by Foxy Fossils and redesigned into this one-of-a-kind statement ocean necklace. 

ONLY 1 available! 

  • Age: 5-15 million years old
  • Heavy 18k gold-plated chain — no tarnishing
  • Adjustable up to 18”
  • Stylish toggle clasp closure
  • Tooth pendant placement is adjustable
  • Authentic prehistoric tiger shark tooth fossil


Only fossilized shark teeth are used and are sourced from Foxy Fossils founder and finder’s, Casey Garvin, personal collection. Foxy Fossils is a proud supporter of shark conservation.



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