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Stingray Mouth Plate Necklace - GOLD

Stingray Mouth Plate Necklace - GOLD

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Gold Stingray Fossil Bar Necklace

Hand collected stingray mouth plate fossils have been transformed into beautiful wire-wrapped gold pendants in our take on the popular "bar necklace". Each necklace features an authentic fossil from prehistoric times dating back millions of years ago making yours as unique as you can get. 


  • Real fossil pendant hand-wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire
  • 14k gold-filled chain or 14k gold-plated satellite chain
  • Available lengths: 16", 18", or 20"
  • Handmade in Charleston, SC 

*Listing is for the stingray mouth plate necklace only (top layer necklace in pictures) and does not include the shark tooth necklace shown paired in photos. 

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