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The "Sandy" necklace is a splash more than the dainty gold fossilized shark tooth necklace with the added charm detail and it certainly has a "sophisticated by the sea" vibe. Available with ocean blue, aquamarine blue and light rose pink framed glass charms. Please note each necklace features a genuinely unique fossil shark tooth that has been hand-picked from nature by Foxy Fossils over many years. 


  • 16" chain for the perfect fit 
  • HANDMADE in Charleston, SC
  • REAL fossil shark tooth 
  • Choice of ocean-blue, aquamarine, or light rose pink framed glass charm for a pop of color
  • 14K gold-filled chain/metals
  • Hypoallergenic & non-tarnishing
***All fossils were responsibly, sustainably, ethically, and legally collected by hand in Charleston, SC by Foxy Fossils. No animals or environments are disturbed or harmed while collecting and all fossils are 100% authentic dating back hundreds of thousands to millions of years old.  A portion of your purchase helps support the feeding/care, research, and conservation of modern-day sharks at the South Carolina Aquarium's Great Ocean Tank.
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