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Foxy Fossils

Saltwater Warrior

Saltwater Warrior

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3 Layer Gold Shark Tooth and Pearl Medallion Necklace

Express your ocean-loving, saltwater warrior spirit in our divine Saltwater Warrior triple tier AUTHENTIC shark tooth necklace. This tooth battled the rough for millions of years and survived the ups and downs of life. The Saltwater Warrior shark tooth necklace represents your inner strength and the resilience you embrace during the ebbs and flows of life. Our favorite part about this necklace is that the 3 layers come together at the clasp as a single strand making it super easy to put on and take off.  Each pearl is hand strung on fine hand-shaped 14kt gold-filled wire before attached to a hand-cut 14kt gold-filled chain.  


    • 3-layered 14K gold-filled chain/metals | durable | high quality
    • Fine materials | Hypoallergenic | tarnish-resistant
    • Layers come together at the clasp | easy 1-step wear & removal
    • Authentic hand-collected fossil shark tooth |yours will be 100% unique | you will own a piece of ocean life from millions of years ago
    • Shark tooth hand-gilded gold | elevated luxurious style
    • Embellished with tiny grey pearls and a tiny matte gold coin | minimal style 
    • Chain lengths: 15 ½” , 17 ½” , and 19 ½” 
    • Ships in eco-friendly jewelry packaging 

    The shark tooth is an authentic prehistoric fossilized tooth found by the Founder and Finder of Foxy Fossils, Casey Garvin, during one of a lifetime of fossil hunts. No animals or environments are ever harmed or disturbed during her shark tooth hunting excursions. On the contrary, Casey is an active "beach keeper" and collects trash and plastic (especially bottle caps) along with the millions of natural treasures lying at her feet. 

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