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Hemi Shark Tooth and Pearl Earrings

Hemi Shark Tooth and Pearl Earrings

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Hemi & Her Collection

Statement shark tooth earrings that are the epitome of our brand’s motto—“raw is real. real is rare.”  This unique set of fossilized shark teeth comes from the prehistoric “snaggletooth” shark (hemipristis serra), a species of extinct prehistoric weasel sharks, that lived approximately 15-18 million years ago. These Hemi earrings are as bold as the story behind them yet lightweight enough to wear all day and night. Ear wires are 14kt gold-filled and hypoallergenic. Each pair is handmade and unique using real fossils found in nature and unaltered. 


  • 14kt gold-filled ear wire with rubber back for securing in place
  • Drop Length: ~ 1.75-2.5”
  • Lightweight for comfortable all-day wear
  • HYPOALLERGENIC | nickel-free
  • Hand-collected authentic fossilized snaggletooth shark teeth
  • Shark teeth collected ethically, sustainably, responsibly, and legally
  • Please expect natural variations due to authentic shark teeth

***Our materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced from our own private collection and no sharks are harmed in the process. Your pair will be completely unique and may not be the exact pair pictured. 

***As a member of the SC Aquarium Conservation Steward Program, Foxy Fossils donates a portion of our sales to support the care, maintenance, research and conservation of sharks in the Great Ocean Tank. 

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