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Ocean Divine Layered Shark Tooth Necklace

Ocean Divine Layered Shark Tooth Necklace

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Gorgeous Gold Layered Shark Tooth Necklace 

The NEWEST 3-layer fossilized shark tooth necklace in our Oceanic Collection is as breathtaking as it is divine! Only authentic fossilized shark teeth are used, which were ethically, sustainably, and responsibly sourced from Mother Nature and date back millions of years ago. Detailed with graduated lengths of 14kt gold-filled chain joined into a single necklace for easy wear and removal.  


  • Layers measure: 16” , 18” , and 20”
  • Layers come together at the clasp making it easy to take on and off | 1 step
  • 14K gold-filled chains and metals | REAL gold that will not fade or wear off
  • Suitable for sensitive skin | hypoallergenic | non-tarnishing
  • Shark tooth hand-gilded in all gold or gold-tip for elevated elegance
  • Embellished with hand-wired Czech beads and quartz crystal glass charm 
  • Real fossil shark tooth locally collected by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC

***All shark teeth used are hand-gathered in Charleston, SC ethically, sustainably, responsibly, and legally. No sharks are harmed and only fossilized teeth are used! A portion of our sales is given to support the care, maintenance, and conservation of sharks in the Great Ocean Tank at the SC Aquarium.

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