double layered gold shark tooth necklace with aquamarine charm and real shark tooth —Foxy Fossils
layered gold shark tooth necklace and aqua stone
gold shark tooth 2 layer necklace — aqua blue | Foxy Fossils
Inner Mermaid - Foxy Fossils
Inner Mermaid - Foxy Fossils
Inner Mermaid - Foxy Fossils
Inner Mermaid - Foxy Fossils
Inner Mermaid - Foxy Fossils
Inner Mermaid - Foxy Fossils
gold shark tooth 2 layer necklace white - Foxy Fossils
dainty gold shark tooth layered necklace with champagne glass pendant—ethically sourced real shark tooth—inner mermaid—Foxy Fossils
dainty gold shark tooth layered necklace with champagne glass pendant—ethically sourced real shark tooth—inner mermaid necklace—Foxy Fossils

Inner Mermaid

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Double Layered Gold Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace

Channel your inner mermaid with this dainty double layer shark tooth necklace. Featuring a real fossil shark tooth found by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC. Customize your necklace with your choice of glass pendant color.  


  • 14K gold filled chain | long-lasting wear
  • Length: 16" & 18" 
  • Hypoallergenic & non-tarnishing 
  • Real fossil shark tooth hand-gilded for a modern, elegant style
  • Gold framed faceted glass stone pendant - customize your color
  • Layers join together at the clasp for easy wear and removal - 1-step clasp
  • Individually handmade in Charleston, SC

***Each necklace is unique and handmade so please allow for variations in tooth shape and size; pictures are representative of the necklace you will receive and not the exact shark tooth (although very similar). All shark teeth are 100% authentic and were hand-picked from nature by Foxy Fossils over a lifetime of fossil hunting/collecting. Foxy Fossils is committed to the preservation and conservation of our natural environment and marine ecosystems and NO sharks or habitats are disturbed or harmed in the process! All fossils were collected ethically, sustainably, responsibly, and legally.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use real fossils in each piece of jewelry?

YES!! Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted using real prehistoric fossils hand-collected by me. Your piece will contain a prehistoric piece of Charleston dating back hundreds of thousands to millions of years old. All fossils are legally & responsibly sourced. 

Do you have to go out looking for fossils in order to create jewelry?

No!! Foxy Fossils is centered around my passion for all things coastal which includes conservation and respecting natural habitats and environments. The fossils used to create jewelry are a small portion of my own personal lifelong collection. No areas are depleted, destroyed, or altered in any way to create the jewelry pieces. I have collected many hundreds of thousands of shark teeth fossils (not including the hundreds of other types of fossils I have found) in my life so far.

Are your fossils ethically sourced?

YES!! Fossils, especially fossil shark teeth, are very abundant in the Lowcountry and can be found almost anywhere! Since some species of sharks can go through ~35,000 teeth in a lifetime (and multiply this by millions and millions of years), Foxy Fossils jewelry pieces do not deplete the natural supply of fossils nor do we alter or disturb the environment, animals or habitats that surround where I fossil hunt. Also, Casey is very keen on marine conservation and habitat protection and all fossils are legally and sustainably collected.

How old are the fossils?

In order for a shark tooth or remnant to be considered a fossil, it must be at least 10,000 years old. Most fossils used in the making of Foxy Fossils jewelry date back millions and millions of years in age. Each piece is so unique, but on average the shark teeth fossils we use date back approximately 5-20 million years ago. No sharks or animals are harmed in the collection or use of any fossils.

If I have a shark tooth I found, can it be made into a custom piece of jewelry?

YES!!  I love creating custom jewelry pieces using a special fossil you have found. The possibilities are endless and I will work closely with you to ensure you are highly satisfied with the design!  Send me an email at or submit your custom order request via our contact form here.

Do you offer wholesale?

YES!! To inquire about a wholesale order, email Casey Garvin at 

Where can I shop Foxy Fossils in-person?

You can find Foxy Fossils at the following locations here.

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Stunning necklace! I get tons of compliments when I wear it & it goes well with anything. I absolutely LOVE my Foxy Fossils necklace!!