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Gnarly Double Layer Shark Tooth Necklace - GOLD

Gnarly Double Layer Shark Tooth Necklace - GOLD

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Hemi and Her Gold Shark Tooth Layered Necklace

Our prehistoric gold shark tooth necklace is as elegant as it is edgy. This double layer fossilized shark tooth necklace features an authentic hand-gathered shark tooth from Charleston, SC from the species hemipristis serra, also known as the snaggletooth shark. Each tooth dates back 15-18+ million years ago when these sharks roamed our ancient seas. All teeth have been collected ethically, responsibly, legally, and sustainably.  The gold shark tooth pendant is paired with a quartz crystal gold-framed glass pendant. We love that no two necklaces are exactly the same and that each piece allows you to own an authentic, unique piece of prehistoric ocean life from Charleston, SC. 


  • 14k gold-filled chain and findings
  • Double Layer Necklace | 16" + 18 1/2" layers
  • Layers join together before the clasp | easy wear and removal
  • Fossil shark tooth painted gold and wire wrapped | ELEGANCE
  • Highly sought after and naturally gnarly shark tooth | EDGY
  • Handmade in Charleston, SC

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