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Foxy Fossils

Fossil Dig Kits

Fossil Dig Kits

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"Fossils Rock!"

Delve into history with our Fossil Dig Kits! Every kit comes in a 1 gallon bucket with sand mixed with real fossil shark teeth, vertebrae, mammal bones and more, providing a unique hands-on learning experience to explore prehistoric life! Discover exciting 100% authentic fossils- hand-found by Casey Garvin of Foxy Fossils- in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and species. Perfect for science teachers and educational settings, these kits offer a rare opportunity to discover the secrets of the past!  Small or large groups can explore and marvel in the amazing fossils hidden beneath the Earth. Plus, your purchase helps support sharks in the South Carolina Aquarium! Uncover the secrets of nature today!


  • 1 gallon buckets filled with sand and assorted fossils
  • Guaranteed to contain a mixture of fossilized shark teeth and fossils
  • 100% AUTHENTIC pieces of prehistoric life
  • Fossil identification card included 

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