The Best Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts and Tips

The Best Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts and Tips

February 14th is a day of love, romance, meant to celebrate our love for that special person in our lives. But there’s one thing in particular that can turn the most romantic holiday into something a little less sexy. We’re talking about those classic traditions that actually add to the detriment happening to our planet--contributing to waste and splurging on gifts produced totally unethically. There’s another way! We have plenty of ideas to set the mood and spark romance, all while doing good for the planet and remaining a mindful consumer. After all, this is a holiday all about intentionality and thoughtfulness, right? Putting in that little bit of extra thought can go a long way, not only for the environment, but for that special person. Here are our favorite tangible gifts to get Valentine’s Day right this year, plus some tips to keep things eco-friendly.  You’ll find the perfect sustainable Valentine’s Day gifts below. (Galentine’s Day too!)

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A Guide to the Top Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts and Tips

For Her

Fossil Earrings

Earrings are a classic gift for every romantic holiday. Looking for a sustainable option? We’ve got you! All our jewelry is made with authentic, million-year-old fossils that are ethically sourced straight from the shores of Charleston, SC. Crafting everything from shark teeth to stingray barbs, our fine jewelry uses 14k gold-fill to create meaningful jewelry that every woman will love. Did we mention that a portion of every purchase also supports marine life conservation? Get her something she’ll love wearing that also benefits the environment in a real way. 

There’s more where that came from! We also offer necklaces and bracelets that your special lady is sure to fall in love with. Shop all our best sellers to choose the right fit for her. Need help choosing something in line with her style? Shoot us a DM and we’ll be happy to help! 

Foxy Fossils Earrings

Heart Seed Bombs

These heart seed bombs are not only perfect for your significant other, but also for mothers, sisters, and friends! They’ll be able to plant these and “watch your love grow” over time, thinking of you every time they see it! Plus, you’ll be shopping from a small business, and plants are a wonderful, sustainable gift that will care for the environment during every step of its lifecycle. 


Skip the growing face and jump straight to the blooms! These fully biodegradable gifts are both meaningful and beautiful. They’re sure to put a smile on her face each time she sees them. Pass on the plastic-wrapped bouquet and instead find some fresh picks at your local farmers market.

Cook Her Favorite Meal

Actions can often speak just as loudly as tangible gifts! Grab some locally sourced produce and get to work in the kitchen cooking up something you can enjoy together. Let her kick back with a glass of wine while you do the work. Whether it's something inventive you know she’ll love, or something you create together, this thoughtful gift will really show her you care!

For Him


Not all men wear jewelry, but he just might change his mind with this one-of-a-kind gift! The Vertebracelet is made from authentic shark vertebrae found on the east coast. With a band made with natural biodegradable leather, he’ll think of you every time he wears this fun accessory. 


Valentine’s Day is a special occasion, so why not get him a gift meant for just that? These shark tooth cufflinks are one thing that every man needs in his closet. Not only are they fully sustainable, but these bad boys are made with real fossilized shark teeth that have spent millions of years forming in the sea. What could be more meaningful than that? 

Use What You Have to Create Something New

Create a special gift out of something he already owns! If he has a stack of old t-shirt from highschool, college, etc., turn them into a blanket that you both can use for years to come! 

For Anyone

Sustainable Candles 

There’s nothing like setting the mood with a little romantic lighting. Candles seem like a no-brainer, but did you know that candles commonly have toxins in them that are harmful to both you and the environment? These candles from Ash & Vine Botanicals are toxin-free using US-grown soy wax and are even made with cotton wicks. 


Ash and Vine Botanicals Lavender Candle



Gift something that you can bond over, but make it sustainable! Instead of grabbing for a book off the shelf to crack open together, buy the e-book version! Not only is it cheaper, but it’s an easy, convenient way to lessen waste. 

Side note: We recommend The Ocean at Night by our good friend, Lorna Hollifield!

Sustainable Wine

Nothing says “romance” like a bottle of fine wine. Grab a bottle to pair with dinner or to sip while watching your favorite movie. What’s our go-to sustainable wine brand? Try Benziger Family Winery. They truly blow us away with their intent focus on water conservation, solar energy, biodiversity, and ethical practices. Plus, they’ve been certified organic, sustainable, and biodynamic since 2006! They’re veterans when it comes to this game. 

Benziger Family Wines

Other Tips 

Skip the Gift Bags

Or use and reuse the ones you already own. Holidays are renowned for gift exchanging, which often means a mass number of gift bags bought and wasted. A great way to bypass this is to use bags you already own or skip the gift bags altogether. After all, it’s what’s inside that counts, right? 

Tell Them How You Feel

The same rule above can be applied to cards as well! Instead of purchasing a card from the store to be thrown away later, tell them how you feel! If you’re a bit of a card junkie, you can create one using supplies you probably already own! 

Shop Foxy Fossils for Sustainable Gifts for Both Men and Women

We would love to guide you in the right direction to your sustainable Valentine’s Day gift this year! Shop for both men and women to find a wide variety of gifts that are full of meaning and history! Foxy Fossils uses authentic fossils from the South Carolina coast to craft breathtaking, luxury jewelry. All of our fossils are collected ethically straight from the shores and handmade, so you know each and every piece is made with love! Browse necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and more to find the right gift this year. 

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