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Are you on the hunt for unique, luxurious jewelry in Charleston, SC? Allow Foxy Fossils to be your go-to! With products that are hand-picked and handmade right here in the city, each of our designs preserves a little piece of Charleston's history, an ideal so special to the area, in the form of stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more! Whether you're shopping for a staple piece to wear with anything, the perfect gift for a friend, or an especially Charleston-esque souvenir, you're sure to find something that catches your eye.

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Why Foxy Fossils Is the Go-To for Unique Jewelry in Charleston, SC

True to Charleston

Our products preserve Charleston's history in (we think) one of the coolest ways! Although we're not talking about the era of history you might be thinking. Our designs use fossils buried around Charleston's coastal region for thousands or even millions of years. Now, that's what we call historic charm! It doesn't get much more homegrown than that. You're able to carry a little piece of the city with you wherever you go. 

Only the Finest Quality

Not only do we craft jewelry that looks beautiful and turns heads, but we also make each piece to last! That starts with using only the finest materials, including 14K gold, genuine leather, and other authentic gems found around Charleston. We assemble each piece with the utmost love and care. Plus, our fossils have already survived millions of years. They're definitely built to last! 

Personalized and Customizable

Although we have a wide variety of pre-designed products listed on our website, we love taking custom orders! Work with us to create a piece that feels utterly unique to you. Choose your fossil type, size, color, and design, and you'll be left with a beautiful jewelry piece like no other. 

Nothing Without Our Mission

Not only are we known for designing accessories that are both captivating and versatile, but we also do it with a purpose! Part of every sale is donated to the South Carolina Aquarium to further education about ocean conservation. When you purchase with Foxy Fossils, you can know that you're also helping a cause that's near and dear to the heart of our coastal town. 

Shop Our One-of-a-Kind Jewelry in Charleston, SC

Shop with us! Check out our variety of accessories below for both men and women. Happy hunting!

Natural Shark Tooth Stud Earrings

Raw Shark Tooth Stud Earrings

Y Knot Necklace

Y Knot Necklace

Charleston Charm Bracelet

Charleston Charm Bracelet

Sunshine State of Mind Necklace

Sunshine State of Mind Necklace

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