Here Are the Best Authentic Great White Shark Tooth Necklaces

Here Are the Best Authentic Great White Shark Tooth Necklaces

Is your accessory collection missing the perfect great white shark tooth necklace? Let’s change that! Whether you choose one that’s real and raw or dipped in 14k gold, it’ll be a stunning symbol of strength and power to wear day-to-day. It’s such a chic way to accessorize while embracing a love for the Earth. Between our process of hand-collecting and crafting each one to our in-depth knowledge of paleontology, we can confidently say that we offer the best authentic great white shark tooth necklaces on the market. Keep reading to find out why, and check out our favorites for both men and women below!

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We Think You’ll Love These Great White Shark Tooth Necklaces!

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Request a Custom Order

Uncover a shark tooth of your own that you have a vision for? Let’s create a custom necklace together! Choose a simplistic look with a gold chain with minimal detailing, or choose a layered look with a few other pendants to complement the tooth’s coloration! You can use the contact form on our website or shoot us a direct message on one of our social media platforms!

Why Foxy Fossils Is the Best Shop for Great White Shark Tooth Necklaces

There are so many reasons why we love fossil hunting and jewelry crafting, especially when you put them together. Here are just a few things that make us unique, just like our products!

Authentic and Hand-Collected 

Authenticity is hard to come by these days. Our fossils are as authentic as it gets! Not only are they the real deal, but each unique treasure was hand-collected from the shores of South Carolina. We spend hours upon hours scouring the intercoastal waterways, marshes, and coastlines around the southeast to uncover these beauties that are often millions of years old. Finding a great white shark tooth perfectly intact is quite the challenge, but it's worth it every time! There's nothing more satisfying than crafting that flawlessly preserves tooth into eye-catching, luxurious jewelry. 

Experts in Fossil Identification

Not only do we appreciate the physical beauty of each shark tooth, but we totally nerd out about the history behind them! We're experts in everything fossils and fossil identification and love diving into the historical intricacies behind each find. Although many of our customers come for the pretty products, they stay for the fascinating stories behind every fossil.

Supporting Marine Life with Every Purchase

Our mission to conserve marine life and protect our oceans makes us who we are! We live to appreciate these incredible prehistoric fossils and do our part to make sure there are new ones to be found thousands of years from now. We've even partnered with the South Carolina Aquarium to donate a portion of our sales to support the sharks in the Great Ocean Tank. This cares for the sharks in the tank and helps educate visitors on marine conservation to save sharks in the wild. 

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