These Are the Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys in 2020

These Are the Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys in 2020

Let’s be honest; men are notoriously hard to shop for. You don’t know what they want, and often, they don’t even know what they want. Below are a few of our go-to gifts for outdoorsy guys to really impress the men in your life and absolutely crush the gift exchange this year! You can’t go wrong following this guide.

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6 Incredible Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys This Year



Men's Vertebracelet bracelet


The Vertebracelet is for the men who “don’t wear jewelry.” Well, they just might change their minds when they see this! Made with real fossilized shark vertebra dating back many millions of years, there’s no much history behind this one bracelet! Plus, this design includes a dark brown genuine leather band to present a perfectly masculine look. Check out the matte black Vertebracelet as well. It’s such a great staple accessory on its own or looks great paired with a watch, as shown!

XTRATUF Deck Boots


Men's XTRATUF Deck Boots


These boots mentioned in our last post also come in men’s styles! The XTRATUF Deck Boots are not only great for our purposes like fossil hunting but any outdoor activity! Whether he’s into hiking, fishing, etc., these slip-proof and waterproof boots come in various colors and are imperative to any outdoorsman’s arsenal. 

Cuff Links


Cufflinks for men


Every man loves to have that one particular item in his closet that makes him feel extra dapper when he gets dressed up. This is that one item. These shark tooth cuff links elevate any formalwear and serve as a great talking point throughout the night. After all, not everyone has million-year-old shark teeth on their cuffs. This gift is unique, memorable, and he’ll love wearing them. Choose from three different colors to match his favorite tie, pocket square, or pair of dress shoes. 

High-Quality Flannel


Men's Madewell Flannel


An excellent quality flannel is a necessary staple in every outdoorsman’s wardrobe. We suggest something like this Madewell Flannel that’s made with an emphasis on sustainability and ethical production, just like ours! Plus, this can easily pair with some of the other wearable gifts we’ve mentioned.

Yeti Mug


Black Yeti Mug


Here’s a general rule according to most men: there’s no such thing as too many Yetis. We love this 24oz Yeti Mug, perfect for keeping his coffee warm on those early morning outdoor excursions. 

Custom Designs for Men

Do you know any fossil-loving men in your life? Or maybe one that frequents the beach? Give him a gift specially designed by you that will seriously turn heads. We love taking custom orders to create something completely unique and original! We’ll work closely with you to craft the perfect fossil necklace, bracelet, or whatever you think he would love! Send us a form on our Contact page or direct message us on any of our social media platforms. 

Happy gift hunting!



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