fossilized great white shark tooth with display case — Foxy Fossils
fossilized great white shark tooth — Foxy Fossils
large fossil great white shark tooth real beautiful color blue - Foxy Fossils
rare large fossil great white shark tooth shown back - collectors quality - real shark tooth —Foxy Fossils
rare large fossil great white shark tooth shown front - collectors quality - real shark tooth —Foxy Fossils
Great White Fossil Shark Tooth display case - Foxy Fossils
rare large fossil great white shark tooth shown back - collectors quality fossil- real shark tooth —Foxy Fossils

Fossil Great White Shark Tooth — COLLECTOR

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Species: Carcharodon carcharias (great white shark)

Genuine prehistoric great white fossilized shark tooth that is collector’s quality. This fossil tooth belonged to an actual shark that lived millions of years ago in our oceans. This fossil great white shark tooth was preserved in the earth since prehistoric times before being exposed by Mother Nature and found by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC.

Fossil great white shark teeth are highly sought after yet very rare to find completely intact (more rare to find a great white shark tooth than to find a megalodon)! This tooth was 100% ethically, organically, responsibly and legally hand-collected and has not been altered or repaired.  This beautiful treasure comes in a protective display case that stays securely shut but can be opened by the press of a button. Not only does the case keep the shark tooth protected, but it also makes a great display for you home, office, or to give as a gift!

Size: 1.6” (measured diagonally from root to tip) 


  • Authentic fossilized great white shark tooth 
  • RARE, collector’s quality fossil
  • Gorgeous coloring with all serrations perfectly preserved 
  • Hand-collected in Charleston, South Carolina 
  • Packaged in protective, flexible display frame that opens with the press of a button 
  • Frame measures about 4” x 4” 

***This listing is for the exact tooth pictured and there is only 1!

Prehistoric Meets Present

Preserving our prehistoric past through present-day designs made with treasures found from our natural world. Foxy Fossils believes that studying and understanding the history of sharks and our natural world (including paleontology) gives us better insight  and a deeper appreciation for current existing ecosystems and the importance of conserving modern shark species and populations.  We use rare materials responsibly sourced from our Founder & Finder's, Casey Garvin, own lifelong personal fossil hunting collection. She has found and collected many hundreds of thousands of fossils from prehistoric sharks and other marine fish/mammals etc. dating back 10,000 years ago to over 40 million years ago!  All fossils were legally and ethically collected by hand and no animals or habitats are harmed, disturbed, and/or altered in any way.  

Sustainable Living

Our products provide a way for customers to incorporate sustainable living into their everyday wardrobe. In addition to using entirely natural materials left behind by prehistoric life, we encourage awareness of the constant threat that present-day marine life experiences today. Marine life is very important to us and we love the South Carolina Aquarium for all that they do. Foxy Fossils was extended membership into the SC Aquarium's Conservation Steward program.  Each sale contributes to supporting sharks in the Great Ocean Tank at the South Carolina Aquarium. We motivate our audience to live a proactively sustainable lifestyle that works to save our oceans and advocate for the precious life that it holds.

Foxy Fossils' contribution will total what it costs to feed the blacknose shark population as well as one of the supplements for all of the sharks in the Great Ocean Tank. In other words, your purchase will support one critical piece of the care of the blacknose sharks specifically as well as one critical piece of the care of all of the sharks.

Sharks play a critical role in keeping the ocean's ecosystems balanced, diverse, thriving, and healthy.  Sharks have existed for over 450 million years, making them older than trees (which came into existence approximately 350 million years ago), and have survived 4 out of 5 mass extinctions. Sharks play a keystone role in the ocean's ecosystem and they have maintained their streamlined features both anatomically and physiologically over millions of years of evolution. To learn more about the SC Aquarium and ways you can get involved, click here.

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