About Foxy Fossils

Foxy Fossils Founder & Finder pictured fossil hunting  

Founder, Finder & Designer

Foxy Fossils is a unique brand of adventure, natural history, and innovative jewelry designs and is located in Charleston, SC.  The brand was created by Casey (Garvin) Whitman, who is the Founder, Finder, and Designer of Foxy Fossils Jewelry.  Having been a saltwater lover since the day she was born, Casey has spent countless hours collecting shells, rocks, driftwood, and fossils with her older brother Corey. Casey wanted to share her intrinsic passion for fossil collecting and identifying with others which lead to Foxy Fossils being born.

Foxy Fossils is multifaceted and includes much more than just beautiful handmade fossil jewelry. It encompasses Casey's years of exploring the outdoors in Charleston, hunting and collecting prehistoric fossils, researching and identifying fossils, and of course sharing a glimpse of her personal fossil collection in her original jewelry designs. Casey's lifelong time spent in, on, or by the saltwater gives way to her nickname, "Salty".


Casey earned her Bachelor's & Master's at the University of Georgia and is a certified speech-language pathologist. Having studied a great deal of anatomy and physiology, Casey began recognizing similarities between human anatomy and fossils she was finding (e.g. palates, vertebrae, dentition). Her natural interest in science and nature inspired her to learn more about specific fossils and the species that once roamed the Lowcountry. She joined the Palmetto Paleontological Society and has donated hundreds of fossils to local schools and events. 














Foxy Fossils creates stunning handmade jewelry featuring real prehistoric fossils found by Founder & Finder, Casey Whitman, in Charleston, SC.