minimal gold filled necklace with real shark tooth and tiny freshwater pearl
tiny gold shark tooth on gold chain with freshwater pearl
14 kt gold filled necklace with real shark tooth hand coated in gold, with tiny freshwater pearl
The Sullivan's Necklace
The Sullivan's Necklace
dainty sterling silver necklace with fossilized shark tooth and freshwater pearl
The Sullivan's Necklace
Foxy Fossils

The Sullivan's Necklace

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The Sullivan’s Necklace will be one of your all-time favorite necklaces! It’s dainty, minimal, and goes with absolutely everything.  It represents a unique blend of freshwater (pearl) and saltwater (fossil shark tooth). Each necklace is handcrafted in Charleston, SC.


  • 15 1/2" 
  • Minimalist 14K gold-filled chain [hypoallergenic & tarnish resistant]
  • Real fossil shark tooth hand-painted in gold 
  • Asymmetrical/Off-Center tiny freshwater pearl

The gold shark tooth is paired with a a tiny freshwater rice pearl on the chain! These are also available in sterling silver!

Shop ONLINE!! Foxy Fossils handmade fossil jewelry featuring real prehistoric shark teeth, stingray barbs, stingray mouth plates, shark vertebrae, and other hand-found fossils!  For custom order inquiries contact


Layered shark tooth necklace featuring real fossilized shark tooth


Shop In-Store:

Shop online for Foxy Fossils jewelry or locally at the following locations:

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Sullivan's Island, SC

Downtown Charleston, SC

John's Island/Edisto

Folly Beach

 St. Augustine, FL



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