Classy. Unprecedented. Rare.

Display your love for the coast with this elegant ocean inspired triple layered necklace. Millions of years in the making just for you! This piece will elevate your wardrobe with the paired real prehistoric shark tooth, elegant smokey quartz, and gold charm giving a classy, organic appeal. You will own an authentic prehistoric fossil that was discovered and recovered by Foxy Fossils and hand-selected to give you an exclusive masterpiece!

Handmade in Charleston, SC.


    • 1-step layering for fast & easy wear 
    • Pairs with any neckline (lengths: 15 1/2", 17 1/2", & 19 1/2")
    • 14K gold-filled chain that is long-lasting
    • Hypoallergenic & non-tarnishing
    • Shark tooth is hand-painted in gold to add an edge of elegance 
    • Smokey quartz glass pendant & mini gold disc/medallion create a neutral tone
    • Real fossil shark tooth collected by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC
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