Saltwater Luxe Earrings

Dazzling & Divine Gold Shark Tooth Earrings. 

Dreaming about the beach?  We are! That's why we designed the Saltwater Luxe Earrings!  So we can take the beach with us wherever we go. Not only are these dangle earrings simply divine but they also feature real prehistoric fossil shark teeth in gold to give you an actual piece of the ocean to have any and everywhere. You will forever feel connected to the sea! 



  • Elegant 14K gold-filled findings
  • Real fossil shark teeth dating back millions of years ago 
  • Handmade in Charleston, SC 
  • Each pair is handcrafted from start to finish including hours spent fossil collecting along the shorelines of South Carolina
  • ONE-0F-A-KIND every time
  • Aquamarine framed glass components
**Allow for slight variations in size and shape due to use of real fossils


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